QuickPlast - Better Plaster. Better Walls.
Developers, Building Consultants and especially house-wonders are desperately aware of the brittleness and surface-crack problems that occur to their building walls. Their concerns are the understandable; as not only are the problems unsightly but repairing then cab be a highly inconvenient and costly affair.
The reasons for these problems are many and varied. The most common of which is that typical site conditions are not ideal for the usage of ordinary plastering cement.
Now, we offers to Building Professionals and easy to use and technologically enhanced plastering material - QuickPlast. It is applied no differently from ordinary plastering cement, but its unique properties prevent excessive surface-cracks and wall brittleness.
Water retention is a vital property as cement binding can only be developed through hydration (reaction with water). QuickPlast water retention technology ensures that the necessary moisture is retained long enough to complete the cement hydration process. Premature drying of wet plaster due to background substrate absorption and evaporation process from wind and heart is now effectively avoided.
The film forming effect of QuickPlast promotes consistency and plaster spread ability. QuickPlast coalescing technology ensures
effective internal cohesion and background substrate adhesion, thus promoting easy spread with anti-sag properties. Hollowness and wet stage tensile displacements can be avoided. This film-forming effect also has an important function of bridging adjoining aggregates thus improving plaster flexibility and resistance to abrasion. 
The combined properties of water retentively and coalescence make QuickPlast a better plaster for more durable walls.  Surface-cracks and brittleness and be prevented thus extending the serviceability life-span of walls. All you need after QuickPlast is a suitable coating of paint to complete a robust and durable wall system. 
Professional Builders take great care to diligently check that moisture levels in hardened wall plasters are sufficiently low before applying the sealants and subsequent base-paint blistering and delamination die to excessive internal moisture pressure.
QuickPlast plasters are breathable (permeable to moisture vapour), allowing rapid evaporation of excess moisture. This property reduces paintwork waiting time and will assist in avoiding future paint defects.
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